Rev. Dr. Marcus Jerkins is a scholar, educator, writer, and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Marcus Jerkins was born and raised in Atlanta, GA.  He endured many trials as a child.  But these trials impressed upon him the need to give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 9.  By the time he was 11 he heard the call of God upon his life to begin preparation for the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This training involves a life-long love to study and explain the Word of God to the world.

This love for learning God’s Word generated a hunger to continually read the Scripture and become more proficient in its interpretation.  Pastor Jerkins read the entire Bible by the age of 12.  He would go on to continually explore it in an academic environment.  Dr. Jerkins matriculated at Emory University, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion.  After his undergraduate studies, Dr. Jerkins obtained his Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and Master of Theology (Th.M.) degrees from the Candler School of Theology of Emory University. 

Pastor Jerkins felt the call of God to continue in his educational pursuits to be well-equipped to explain and exposit the Word of God.  God led him to apply to the Baylor University Graduate Department of Religion in the area of New Testament studies.  In 2020, Pastor Jerkins graduated with a Ph.D., writing his dissertation on Luke/Acts and its emphasis on the importance of black people in God’s global plan of salvation.  Dr. Jerkins released his first book, Black Lives Matter to Jesus: The Salvation of Black Life and All Life in Luke/Acts, published by Fortress PressAlso, Dr. Jerkins has many scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics within the New Testament.  Forthcoming, Pastor Jerkins has written a commentary on 1-2 Thessalonians which will be featured in the book, The New Testament in Color, published by Intervarsity Press.  He is sought after nationally to speak on topics of black presence in the Bible, Christian apologetics, and Biblical scholarship. 

Rev. Jerkins has not only devoted himself to study of the Scripture but has an extensive record of service in the Lord’s church.  He served as a minister to youth and young adults during his college years.  He served as a church planter.  He has been a ministry consultant, helping pastors in sermonic development and church organization.  He was asked to become the first Executive Secretary in the history of the New Era Baptist Convention of Georgia, the Chief Operating Officer in the Convention.  He was asked to serve as Teaching Assistant for the Rev. Dr. Ralph D. West, the pastor of the Church Without Walls in Houston, TX. Pastor Jerkins also serves as a member of the Advisory Team for the IC3 Conference under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Ralph D. West.  In this role, Pastor Jerkins helps develop and teach curriculum which is utilized by preachers and church leaders all around the country.  

Following God’s leading, Pastor Jerkins accepted the call to become the third pastor of the Resurrection Baptist Church of Silver Spring, MD.  Pastor Jerkins has a passion for community work as well.  This passion has led him to become the chaplain of the Black Minister’s Conference of Montgomery County, which is pivotal in the fight for recognition of civil rights and justice within the African-American community in Montgomery County, MD.  Pastor Jerkins has also continued his scholarly pursuits. He has served as a Visiting Professor of New Testament at Howard University and an Adjunct Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary.  He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Ecumenical Institute of Saint Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore, MD.  

Pastor Jerkins is married to the love of his life and best friend, Dr. Courtney A. Jerkins.  She, an educator and scholar in her own right, is his partner in life and ministry.  They are the blessed parents of three wonderful children.